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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

maximum bending radius rubber hose

Radiator hose

can assume a right angle bend of small radius.bending of said hose causes inward compression of710 Gates Rubber Co Flexible molded hose

Bending strain relief with bend restricting capability

A bending strain relief device in the form of an elongated tubular member having a longitudinal axis and including a plurality of rigid sleeve members

Method and apparatus for making rubber hose

2008619-My invention relates to the method and apparatus for making rubber hose, and more particularly to the manufacture of flexible hose for use w

Rubber hydraulic hose DIN EN 857 1SC, Steel wire braided

COVER:Abrasion and weather resistant synthetic rubber TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40°hose has compact dimensions and tighter bend radius in machinery applications

Low temperature, high pressure rubber hose

Flexible reinforced rubber hose adapted for conveying fluids under low temperatures and high pressures. The hose includes a inner tube formed of an

Hose for water and hot water supply

A hose for feeding cold or hot water, which can be easily bent even at a small radius so that it can be applied in a small piping space, which

Hose clamp

My invention relates to a certain new and improved device for securing flexible hose to metal pipes, nipples, etc., and it has for its particular

Pipe fitting comprising at least two layers of different

4676532 T-shaped rubber hose 1987-06-30 Gronau et al. 285/133.5 4036513because bending it to a desired radius of curvature is easy, but when the

Low permeable rubber hose

A rubber hose comprising an inner tube of synthetic resin, a silver or silver alloy thin film sputtered or ion plated on the inner tube, and a

Method of manufacturing flexible resin hose

A hose 20 made of thermoplastic resin is heated by flowing high temperature such as vapor into the hose, the flow of the high temperature

Hose clip apparatus

Clip apparatus for use in securing a member such as a hose to a pipe or the like. The apparatus includes a housing secured to one end of a spi


/ethyl acrylate copolymer, and olefin rubber. bending radius properties of the pipes made of maximum level (there is a certain grade of

Light rubber tube for exhausting and sucking oil

The rubber hose, which has a small bending radius, portability and lightness, can stop the falling phenomenon of hose lining.

Device for automatic dimension control of extruded blanks

radiuses of bending of a flatly spread tube, a conveyor 3 continuously feeding a rubber band maximum and minimum possible speeds of the drawing

Blank for hose clamps

This invention relates to clamps for hose and particularly to clamp bands for use with air brake hose. Air brake hose is a very heavy fabric-reinforced

Parker EPD Distributor - Parker EPD Distributor

stopping the system from running at maximum bending radius, possible hose failure may occur


20151017-Table 3.3.8 Maximum spacing between trestles ofthe bending radius shall comply with the following4.1.4 Any of the rubber ring joining,

Self-stabilizing tree support assemblies

radius smaller than the initial shape to effect covered by sections of rubber hose and the likebending of the hooks so as to comprise shorter


2015129- click to collapse contents 1ENGLERSSPF.4.A2.B2.C4.D4::1,:1,:1 click to expand content

Moveable hose retractor for a pull-out faucet

20071220-a minimum bending radius of the pull-out hose.rubber), of a composite that includes a polymermaximum value of the outer width Wh of ho


A high-pressure rubber hose comprising an organic fiber reinforcing layer which is formed by knitting organic fiber cords in a 2-layer spiral form

Flexible pipe for high pressure

3729028 FLEXIBLE HIGH-STRENGTH WIRE-REINFORCED RUBBER HOSES 1973-04-24 Horvatha bending radius that is not always satisfactory. Thus, purpose of the

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