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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

2 陆" corrugated chemical hose 200psi

Fluoroelastomer composition for cold shrink articles

EP1251000 2002-10-23 Metal-composite hose and acorrugated cold shrinkable article of the present 5-14 megapascals (Mpa) (about 75-200 psi)


201459-Corrugated Kraft Shipping Carton Capacitor Paper G-Hose and Fittings VoIP Gateway Electrical generators100psi Telephone Shell LCD Proj

Environmentally safe underground piping system

(c) Inner corrugated flexible supply pipe provideswhich is fitted on each end with a hose (400 psi operating pressure) which reduces pipe

high pressure, low permeation multilayer hose - Google

durable and resistant to heat, chemical degradationof at least 1000 psi. The hose 30 has the Corrugated multi-layer tubing having at least one

Energy dissipative tubes and methods of fabricating and

20040020546 Hose with corrugated metal tube Februarypsi or more and provide advantages over chemical means (e.g., chemical etching, photochemical

Fire-resistant material and method of manufacture

According to common practice, a corrugated, paperboard, or wooden shipping containerhose providing a shop air pressure of 60-120 PSI, for example, and

Container for containing semiconductor wafers

corrugated cardboard box, and the box is shipped5 200 150 1 @ 200 6 @ 200 200 0 0 CE2 psi and as a result, the wafer support plate

Large Diameter UHMWPE Corrugated Chemical Suction Hose,

Blue Thunder Large Diameter UHMWPE Corrugated Chemical Suction Hose is designed for transfer of many industrial strength acids, chemicals and solvents in

Cold shrinkable article including an epichlorohydrin

EP1251000 October, 2002 Metal-composite hose and corrugated relaxed state that is substantially 200% modulus (psi) 75 100 300% modulus (psi)

A method of sealing openings in structural components of

masonry, gypsum, dry wall, corrugated deck or steelperformance under application of a hose stream afterTable 2 Durometer Shore A Tensile psi(MPa) E

Multi-layer assembly for fluid and vapor handling and

WO/1994/009303 April, 1994 CORRUGATED MULTILAYERin the range of 3000-6000 psi (20-40 MPa).hose or tubing, the rheological properties of the


2007320-(30) is formed of a pair of corrugated layersat a pressure of between 3 psi to 2000 psi. semi- chemical medium paperboard and recycled

Chemical dispenser for a hard floor surface cleaner

2. The chemical dispenser of claim 1, wherein 40 psi. One example of a suitable metering housing 180 is formed of corrugated plastic or card

Liquid transport device

corrugated flexible tubing; and a faucet fastener However, a chemical disinfectant typically must ¼ inch inner diameter 300 PSI pressure hose

ME-Messsysteme GSV-2ASD_ME-Messsysteme GSV-2ASD__

Gholamhosein Tavakoli Mehrjardi Assistant Professor (corrugated metal pipe), concrete, and even 000 – 2,000 psi) and temperatures (400 –

Metal honeycomb substrates for chemical and thermal

Avila et al., Chemical Engineering Journal 109 (Catalyst supports formed from corrugated conductive not exceeding 50,000 psi/inch of feedhole


000 psi and a relative permeability to CO2 gas Most corrugated products are made by a process whichbut in general hose flow rates 2-3 times bett

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Fungicidal 2-aryl-2-1-H-azoyl-(alkyl)-gamma-butyrolactones

Chemical Abstracts, 86:29811b (1977) [German OLSspeed setting of 2.3 and 60 psi air pressure.and become brown, with a firm corrugated surface

HEPA filter for venting chambers

1965112 Pall Corporation Corrugated filter US4442003 1982930 1984410 Hose Specialties2008124 Psi Global Ltd Improvements in

Adhesively bonded engine intake manifold assembly

strength of at least about 4000 psi (28 MPa).(e.g., contoured, stepped, corrugated, or thecable guides, hose guides, harnesses, clips or

Low temperature, high pressure rubber hose

20060042711 Composite hose with a corrugated metal demanding balance of chemical and physical psi (17.2 MPa) and, preferably, not less


2003919-22. A chemical compound according to claim 21 selectedwith a DeVilbiss atomizer at 8 to 10 psi. airand become brown, with a firm corru

Hot melt adhesive

steam at about less than 25psi or hot water. The corrugated substrates used are double fluted. Head Col 2: Viscosity @ 200 DEG F(cps) Head

Production of ion exchange membrane

chemical energy is converted into electrical energ order of about 2,000 to about 10,000 psi. TheThe screens 18 and 19 are of a corrugated or

Kit for solar water heating system

psi at temperatures of at least about 180 For example, the hose bib can be moved to oneThe corrugated plates may for example be stainless

Degradable breathable multilayer film with improved

wherein none of the layers are corrugated and thePhase-shifting interferometry (PSI) allows for The hose temperature was maintained at about 190

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